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Monday, February 27, 2006


Quo Vadis

A goat as a wife? What does that say about the women of Sudan??


Not much. And we have a Quo Vadis sighting. Good to see you are not permanently trapped in the doc review room.

Quo Vadis

Oh, I am. But I decided that I would make a special guest appearance. I couldn't let animal sex go by without commenting.

Quo Vadis

Stupid TypePad posted my comment three times. AND Prophet has not seen fit to give me the authority to delete my own posts, so I cannot remedy the problem. Hm. Shouldn't Prophet have known that was going to happen?


Has it been so long that you have forgotten how to use "it?" Don’t blame others for your “dysfunctions.”

J.D. Crane

Take it from Prophet, he knows "dysfunctions"!

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